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colourpop | honest brand review

lunes, 29 de mayo de 2017

Almost a year ago I got my first Colourpop order and I was the happiest person in the planet. The brand is highly raved about all over social media and I was expecting the best out of it. I am doing a review about the products I got, a fast look into the brand and my opinions as someone who is just a regular consumer and not an influencer, I feel somehow these are the reviews that help the most.

I got six products in total, three Lippiestix in the shades Grunge (brown), Chi Chi (orange) and Trust Me (red), two Ultra Matte Lips, Mars (fucsia) and LAX (dark brownie red), and one Super Shock Highlighter in Smokin’ Whistles.

The Lippiestix retail for $5 USD, Chi Chi and Grunge are mattes and Trust Me is labeled as a Matte X. The matte formula is good, it isn’t drying but it has to be applied in thin layers or it can get thick and crumble up a little, you will notice it on the lips but they aren’t annoying, I would say the finish is between satin and matte. The matte x formula is more of a classic matte and feels velvety on the lips, both of them last very long and you won’t need to touch up.

The ultra mattes are a little bit of a hit and miss, LAX is a little patchy and it has to be applied multiple times to look even, Mars on the other side looks beautiful since you first apply it. The formula has a watery consistency that dries completely matte, it is drying, which may be a problem if you don’t like that or if you have dry lips. They last very long but will move if you eat something oily. The packaging was gorgeous but after just one time being in my bag, it got super scratched.

The highlighter was my favorite purchase, the formula is unique, feels bouncy, as if you were touching a sponge, it is super metallic, if you like subtle highlighters this is definitely not the one for you. The only downside I see to this, is that the formula, although is quite funny, makes the product a little unstable, mine broke down recently without even touching it, the good thing is that I only needed my finger to repress it.

Overall, I can say I like Colourpop products, but I am not as impressed as I thought I would be, neither I am disappointed, they are just okay with some stuff better than others, I honestly expected them to become my favorite brand because all the hype. I would repurchase all the products I got (maybe in different shades) but aren’t my favorite. I’d love to try their eyeshadows, which I hope live up to the expectations. Have you try their products? What do you think about them?
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