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What to carry for school | College Advice

martes, 9 de agosto de 2016

School is starting again (at least for me), how annoying is it? Don’t get me wrong, I actually love it, but I could really get used to read a novel all night and snuggle all day (maybe not), but I’m enjoying it greatly. I wanted to share with you the only few things I carry with me, I know everyone has a different way of learning and that we all need different supplies, but I wanted to show how less is more for me. 

Wood pencil - I love doing drawings and diagrams with my wood pencil, for some reason, I find it easier, also when I have more time to get stuff done.

Mechanical pencil - Maybe it’s something in my mind that makes me perceive less friction when I write with a mechanical pencil, but what I can tell is that I write much faster when I use them, mostly for lectures and notes during classes, with those teachers that speak at the speed of light or for those times I’m note even sure what I am writing about (sorry, mom) and I want to go over it later. I don't think you need both, but I do, at least I think it. 

Eraser & Corrector pen– Well, we all know that if you have a pencil and a pen you need them, mistakes are human, plus, all your classmates will thank you.

Black pen – Pens are faster than pencils and I prefer them before anything else for taking notes. I only carry a black pen. I don’t have the time to change pens every ten seconds, especially when the teacher keeps talking and you get left behind. If you color code, do it with highlighters once you get home, it won’t look crazy, you won’t lose time and you’ll be reviewing it once more.

Apart from that, of course, I need a pencil case to carry everything. In order to save space, I use a notebook divided in four, as convenient as it is, I only have four subjects, but of course, you should use what fits your needs the best, also a plastic folder is a great tool for organization purposes, oh, and don't forget your music.

And that’s everything I carry with me, apart from my makeup bag (I’ll be posting about it soon)! I really want to get back to write my college advice posts and I couldn’t find a better time for that, you can read my previous posts about the topic here and I would love to read if you have any recommendations for the series! What are your essential supplies for school, guys?

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