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jueves, 11 de agosto de 2016

I’m not what I would call a “summery person”, summer is, of course, characterized by the hot weather, which can be unbearable where I live (it’s 2:00 am and I’m sweating), but something I love are the makeup trends, I love rocking bright colors and a fresh face. I did this tag because I thought it would be a great and fun way to tell you what I am enjoying this season, not only makeup related. 

Favorite perfume – I think it's well known how much I love mangos. My favorite scent has to be the Mango Body Mist from The Body Shop. I swear this wasn’t intentional, but it’s an interesting coincidence. It smells delicious, it is so sweet and fruity, just as if they had put a real mango in a perfume and added a touch of glamour and sugar, if that makes sense.

Favorite lip color – I’ve talked in my Summer Lipstick Edit post about some of my favorite, apart from those, I’ve been loving Colourpop Lippie Stix in Chi Chi. I didn’t featured it in that post just because I recently welcomed it to my life.

Favorite blush – L.A. Colors Mineral Blush in ‘Naturale’, I love the bronzey look it gives my skin, it makes me look as if I went to the beach and got a little sun burnt which is now becoming a tan (wow, my explanations are not exactly on point today).

Favorite drink – Fruit infused water! I’ve been freezing strawberries and kiwis and I use them as ice in my water, at first I thought it was overrated but now I think the hype is worth it, more than just for the pictures. A great twist to regular water, makes me want to drink more and after you finish it, you can have the fruits as a little snack. I haven’t tried it with any sweetener but I bet it would be delicious as well. Plus, I am loving my skull tumbler! 

Favorite food – Froyo! If it counts as a food, it’s so refreshing and I love adding all kinds of candy and cookies to it, the healthy and unhealthy, the ying and the yang.

Favorite clothing item – The thing that I’ve been using consistently are my white Converse, they aren’t summery but I’ve been pairing them with almost everything, they give a fun touch and add that 90’s vibe to any outfit.

Favorite movie – I haven’t seen as many movies as I wanted. I mostly watched series and read. The one I remember the most is Creep, I actually liked it, stressed me and made me cringe a lot, served its purpose.

Favorite TV Show – Do I even have to say it? Everyone is already talking about Stranger Things. It really has changed the game, the best series I’ve seen in a long while, it is beautifully done and of course, as a huge fan of Stephen King I couldn’t skip on it, as it compiles all his greatest hits. Technically not a TV show, but hey! Netflix has been really stepping up their game. 

Hope you enjoyed this tag, I have to admit it has been my favorite so far. I tag everyone that wants to do it, I would love to read about your summer favorites! 
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