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My All Time Favorite Movies

jueves, 25 de agosto de 2016

Aren't movie marathons one of the best things in life? Recently I have been watching more movies and series than I used to, being Stranger Things the highlight of my vacations. That made me decide to do a list of some of my favorite movies. These are the ones that I have seen over and over and that I won't ever get bored of. Most of them I saw more than 5 years ago, or even in my childhood, and I can say they are all timeless and it won't be easy to take their place.

Donnie Darko (2001) – My #1 favorite of all times, it is a classic and I am sure many of you have already watched it. Donnie is a sleepwalker, schizophrenic teenager who makes a new friend. An imaginary one. A huge bunny named Frank that tells him when the world will end. Donnie starts becoming obsessed with the possibility of time traveling and seeing the future, while many strange events happen in the city. It is obscure and exquisite, plus a couple of hours seeing Jake Gyllenhaal have never hurt anyone, right?

Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) – Well, I used to be that weird kid that always loved Nightmare Before Christmas more than any other Disney movie. I remember it made my cousins cry but it made me (and still does) so happy! I love Halloween and all things spooky, but the message of the importance of finding yourself and giving a sense to your life is also beautiful, yet sometimes underrated.

Pulp Fiction (1994) – We all know how amazing and what a genious Tarantino is. I don’t know how I would explain this movie, I’ll just say you need to watch it before you die, it is that good.

The Silence of the Lambs (1991) – Who doesn’t love Hannibal? This is about his encounter with Clarice and how she tries to capture Buffalo Bill, a serial killer that skins his victims, so she goes to Hannibal for help (hmm, nope, that doesn’t sound like a good idea). The homonym book by Thomas Harris is amazing as well.

Psycho (1960) –  Marion steals $40,000 and leaves the city. I don’t have much to say, apart from the fact that she decided to stay at the Bates Motel and that may have been the worst decision she could have ever made (well, it was). One of the most iconic movies in the history. I’ve recommended this Hitchcock classic to almost every single human being that has been in front of me.

And that’s all, well, not all, but I realized this was becoming a huuuuge list and I didn’t want it to get boring, maybe in the future I will be sharing my other favorites, just so you don’t get bored with a 37 pages of me rambling about movies at once (if there were pages, of course). Have you seen any of these movies? What do you think of them? Which are your favorites?
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