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miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2016

I’ve been saying that a lot has been going on all month but more things just keep popping up, so yesterday, after a complete day feeling of sick af, I decided to go out with some friends. We had some drinks and pizza and I captured a Jigglypuff! Haha, I just thought this day would never come. I wanted to share a little life update with you as well as my outfit, that isn’t anything super special but it has the cutest tiny detail. 

Well, starting with the update, I haven’t been able to post more than once a week, since last thursday I had surgery, I had an urethrotomy done, it is a really simple procedure in which the scar tissue is removed from the urethra to re-open it. I only stayed one day at the hospital, but I must admit that it was extremely painful, maybe not in quantity but in quality, that is not the most comfortable area to feel pain, haha, I couldn’t even sit down. Having a urine bag attached for almost a week wasn’t exactly the way I wanted to finish my vacations.

On monday night I had the bag retired and was so happy I could move normally again, well, yestarday I woke up and for some reason I couldn’t stop throwing up. I started feeling better at 5:00 pm and by night I was alreday feeling completely good and I needed desperately to get out of my house.

The outfit I chose was pretty simple, black jeans from Forever 21, white Converse sneakers, dirty of course (does someone else thinks that a pair of clean converse are just not as genuine? Haha, the thinking of a 90's kid) and the cutest shirt ever (I got it here).

I wasn’t expecting much for the price but the quality is actually really good, the fabric is thick and super soft, I have already washed it two times and the little cat hasn’t faded a bit, plus, it looks like my baby, Pandora! 

I hope you enjoyed this outfit and update, and I would love to know what have you been up to? 
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