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$1 Liquid Lipstick | L.A. Colors Pout Lipgloss "Matte"

domingo, 14 de agosto de 2016

Everybody is crazy about liquid lipsticks, every brand has came out with their own and some of them can be really expensive. L.A. Colors is a brand known for their crazy low prices, yet their products can be a hit or a miss, so when I spotted their new liquid lipsticks at the store I had to get them immediately to see if they were worth it. 

They have two ranges, the Super Shine formula, which are regular glosses and the Matte one. In their website they show 12 different shades, ranging from nudes, mauves, browns to dark plums and reds. In my opinion I would like them to come out with brighter shades as orange or purple, which the Super Shine range has. They retail for $1 USD an you can get them on local store sor ShopMissA.

The wand is flat on both sides which makes the application easier and more precise; the only problem I have with that is the length, it is so short that it’s easy to get some product on the cap and it can get messy quite fast. The actual packaging has a stopper for controlling the amount of lipstick that comes out, yet, the wand always seems to pull a lot of product.

I got two shades, the lighter one is ‘Let’s Kiss’ and the brown color is ‘Enticing’. ‘Let’s Kiss’ is an interesting shade, a combination between a light warm pink brown with some mauve. ‘Enticing’ is a brown color with cool undertones, and both of them have a nice sweet scent.

I have mixed feelings about this product, since I find the formula to be slightly different in both shades. The brown shade drys matte sooner than the pink one. Both are really thick and sticky (7/10), again, being the pink one the stickiest. I have tried putting translucent powder on top, it works perfectly for ‘Enticing’ but you can still feel stickiness left on ‘Let’s Kiss’.

On to lasting power, they both last really well and are easy to retouch. I used ‘Enticing’ for almost a complete day without it fading a little bit.

To make ‘Let’s Kiss’ work, I only apply it some product in the center of the lips and I blend it with my fingers. It looks gorgeous (picture above), like if I had a full on liquid lipstick without the thickness and the stickiness is reduced considerably (I’m not someone who is usually bothered by that but in this one it was unbearable).

Overall I do/don’t recomend this product. They are not my new favorite liquid lipsticks but I recommend them a lot as a ‘transition product’ as I did, I wanted to try brown lipstick and instead of spending $20 in something I didn’t know if I would like, I got this. I have been actually wearing ‘Enticing’ a lot this last month and maybe I’ll be investing in a better brown lipstick soon but they sure aren't my new favorites.

Have you ever tried something from L.A. Colors? Which are your favorite (super) inexpensive makeup products?  

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