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Strobing For Oily Skin

lunes, 18 de julio de 2016

Strobing has been one of the biggest trends this and last year, you hear everyone talking about it, three million products came out, every brand now seems to be launching even more extreme highlighters everyday, and even if it’s a beautiful look, it is a nightmare for us who have oily skin. I used to be all about everything matte but now I am addicted to highlighting and I’ll tell you what I do to not look like an oily shine mess whenever I want to go crazy with the glow.

Prime – Use the primer that works better for you, something that keeps you matte and will make your makeup last longer. I have been using the Nivea Aftershave Balm but I am trying to find a new cruelty free one, please, leave me your recommendations.

Keep it as matte as posible – A little contradictory if you think we are talking about looking UFO shiny, but it is really important to keep your natural oils as controled as you can and then add the glow on top. Use the mattest foundation you own and set it with your best powder (I just read this with the “Hit me with your best shot” rhytm, hihi). Most of the times I don’t wear foundation, but I make sure I bake most of my face with my Ben Nye Neutral Set powder (yes, I am that oily).

Stick to powders – I have heard so many times that if you top a cream with a powder it lasts so much longer, but I think this only applies to people with dry skin. Whenever I use a cream and set it, by the end of the day it looks patchy and the powder already moved around. That’s why I only use powder highlighters. Mac’s Soft N’ Gentle has been my favorite lately but my Mary Lou-Minizer is coming on it’s way and I can’t wait for it to arrive and to bath on it.

Setting spray – Even more protection against the oils and will keep all your makeup in place. My favorites are the Urban Decay Oil Slick and the Nyx Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray, high end and drugstore, they perform really well. 

Keep your powder/blotting paper with you – In the case that the previous things didn’t work as well, or if you have been wearing the makeup many hours, just blot the oils and apply some powder so you keep looking as fresh as when you just applied it.

I hope this post was useful, do you have any more tips? 
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