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jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2015

I am sorry I have been gone for a complete month, but things got chaotic. I was stressed as I had never been before since many things happened in life, and school wasn’t helping, then my computer decided that dying was a good thing to do, but now I am back! Or at least I’ll try.

Onto happier things, (I know everyone says this, but) I can’t believe eleven months have passed; it’s December now, my favorite month, but I couldn’t skip on my November faves. This month, my makeup has been pretty minimal and I have focused on enhancing my natural features, these are some of my favorite products. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation » I have crazy oily skin and this foundation saved my makeup the whole month, I didn’t apply to much since it can get cakey, but I only used a tiny bit and it kept my face matte for most of the day, it also has amazing coverage. My shade is in ‘103 True Ivory’.

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector » I am not into highlighting my undereyes with a concealer 20 shades lighter than my skintone and three different yellow powders, I am more about the natural look, and this product makes me look like I had my full 8 hours of sleep, it is pretty light and refreshing, I love it so much. My shade is ‘Light’.

The Body Shop Bronzing Powder » I picked the shade ‘Deep Matte’ and I think I like this more than my NYC Sunny, which is a huge thing to say. I’ve been using it almost all around my face, especially in my cheekbones, it looks pretty natural and is really good for enhancing freckles.

Nyx Butter Lipstick» This shade is ‘Mary Janes’. The texture of this lipstick is amazing; it feels like nothing on the lips, glides on like a dream and punches a whole lot of pigment. I have been using this more like a stain, I only put a little bit on the center of the lips and blend it, it gives the most healthy and natural color, just like after eating a popsicle.

Nyx Eyebrow Pencil » I got the shade ‘Brown’, and to be honest, it has a lot of red on it, you will enjoy it if you are a natural redhead, but I still have black brows and it didn’t work, so, instead of using it for that, I started using it to enhance my freckles and birthmarks over my foundation, it is the perfect color for it and the effect is beautiful.

This was a little bit of a long post, but I missed writing so much, I promise I’ll try to post regularly, at least twice a week, I can’t promise anything since my computer still works like poop, but I swear I’ll do my best, I missed you guys so much, read you later! 
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