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Black Diamonds Eau de Toilette

lunes, 26 de octubre de 2015

Black Diamonds is a perfume from Mary Kay. I got this while I was in the search for a more mature, night time appropriate scent and I thought the bottle was pretty different and immediately caught my eye with the black and the pink details. Also, this was pretty inexpensive, so I thought this could open my way into more mature and sophisticated scents.

When you first spray it, you get a citrusy and musky scent, that can get a little bit obnoxious at first, but it fades away quickly into a softer version of it. Immediately after you spray it, I can get a little bit of a masculine vibe, which I would enjoy if it wasn’t so strong.  Once the first strong scent fades away, the musk seems to disappear and the end result is a whole lot of citrus, yet pretty subtle.

This perfume lacks a lot in staying power, the top notes would fade pretty quickly, I would say 20 minutes or less, into the middle notes, which last about 2 to 3 hours. Also, they are almost impossible to smell if you don’t put your nose against your wrist.

I like and hate this perfume at the same time. While the duration of the smell is disappointing, and the top notes are annoying, when they fade, the scent is quite nice. I would still use this, not for my initial purpose, but more like an ‘I’m doing nothing fancy today so I don’t have to smell nice all night’ kind of fragrance.

Tell me, which are your favorite perfumes/fragrances for the night? 
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