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Big Bear Adventure

domingo, 18 de octubre de 2015

Three years ago I went with my family to Big Bear Mountain, California. Needless to say, I was quite fascinated by the outrageous beauty of the place. I live 30 minutes by the coast and if you want to visit the mountains, you have to do almost 15 hours of travel. As an introvert, I prefer mountains and cold climates better than the beach, so when I went to the United States to visit my family, we decided to go there.  It was the mid of summer, still, it was a little cooler than the usual Cali weather. I would have loved to be there on winter, since I have never seen the snow before.  

I really loved the houses and the stores that were on the road, they have such an unreal and vintage feeling compared to all the modern buildings that overflow in the city. We went hiking and had a picnic; everything was so peaceful and beautiful, wish to go back there someday soon.

I know this post is kind of different from my usual content, but I want to integrate a little bit more about my daily life into the blog. This idea came when I was looking through old pictures in my computer, and this time had to be a throwback since I haven’t been doing anything special or blog worthy since school is slowly absorbing the life out of me. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and have an amazing day, and tell me, which are your favorite places to travel? 

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