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martes, 25 de agosto de 2015

I have been thinking a lot about what I have learned about college and what I would tell to my younger self and other people before starting school. I am not going to lie, some of those things I learned with a lot of tears. It can be stressful, but if you set your mind for what’s coming, everything will be easier, I promise. So I recollected some of the things that have helped me the most and I hope can help some of you.

♡ Grades don’t matter » You may have heard this a million times, but this time, I mean it. Don’t cry over an exam where you didn’t perform excellent, it’s okay. Your grades do not reflect how, nor who you are going to be.

♡ Grades do matter » You must be thinking ‘what?’ but someone told me something that changed my mind: “Your grades are not important for real life but your real life at the moment is your school”. Damn, that was right. Don’t over-stress for excellent grades, but do the best you can, at the end, if you don’t pass your exams, you don’t graduate.

♡ Do not study for exams, study for life » Another thing I have listened to a million times, and the most important. Doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at school, what matters is how you are going to develop after college, always have this in mind.

♡ Professors can be mean » Well, this is not highschool, where you think your teachers hate you and that’s why they do difficult exams when they actually don’t. In college they can get really, really mean. Last semester, one of my teachers made the hardest exam I had ever taken, only 22 of 118 passed the first exam, and 19 the second one. What I mean is that you shouldn’t give up if something like this happens, never think you’re not enough, they do it mostly for fun and at the end, they won’t let you die. I did understand this in a pool of tears, when I failed for the first time in my life.

♡ You don’t need permission to go to the bathroom » Or to go anywhere, if you don’t like the class, you are sleepy, you need to talk on the phone, just get up and go outside and take some fresh air. Just be responsible and assist to your classes, you can learn from others experiences more than what you can learn from books.

I have many other tips, and I will write about them later, but I hope this post can help some people who are starting this year, or maybe have started before but feel lost. Just remember that if you want something, don’t give up, with effort, everything pays off.  

Thank you for reading!
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