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MeNow (MN) long lasting lip gloss review.

domingo, 26 de julio de 2015

First of all, don’t get fooled by the name, because these are not lipglosses, they are liquid lipsticks that dry pretty matte. I got mine from ebay, they are sold by many sellers with different price ranges, but they never cost more than $2 USD.

These lipsticks dry to matte as you apply them and they are incredibly longwearing. I have used some of them for those crazy long days at college and they have stayed exactly the same for more than 12 hours, really, seriously, believe me.

BUT these are definitely not kiss proof. I mean, they are completely okay for a kiss on the cheek, they do not transfer, but once, I tried to kiss my boyfriend while wearing them, being completely sure that they wouldn’t smudge, and for my surprise they didn’t, they completely PEELED OFF from my lips, so have extra care with that.

I find the texture is a bit weird, they feel somewhat drying on the lips but they stay tacky.

Also, the application isn’t the easiest, especially with the darker colors, since the wand is super long and not so user friendly, so I always get some extra help to define the edges with a lip brush.

As you can see, they are extra pigmented and look great, but as with other products from this brand, the formula can change from color to color, and #12 is definitely not the best, it looks patchy and doesn’t apply evenly, and if you try to build it up, the layers underneath will keep moving. 

So, as I liked the color a lot, because it reminded me a lot of the Nyx’s Soft Matte Lipcream in Tokyo, I still wanted to use it, and for that, I first apply a lot of lipbalm and then I put some dots and blend them with my finger. I don’t get the matte finish with this technique, but at least I can wear it, so if you got a bad color, you can give this a shot. This is how it looks like:

♡ Great pigmentation.
♡ Extremely longwearing.
♡ Low price (less than $2 USD)
♡ Amazing color range (36 shades)
♡ Nice smell

♡ Not all the colors have the same formula
♡ The applicator is a little hard to use
♡ Not (real) kiss proof
♡ Drying and tacky feel

I would recommend these to everyone, they are great once you get used to them and for the price they are unbeatable. Just as their Kiss Proof Soft Lipsticks, the quality can vary from shade to shade, but for the price you have nothing to lose and a lot to win.

Thank you for reading!
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