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MeNow (MN) kiss proof soft lipstick review.

miércoles, 24 de junio de 2015

First,I will start with the claims of the product, so here they are: they claim to be a “powdery matte” liquid (?) lipsticks that instantly lift and hydrate lips, giving rich, creamy and longwearing color.

Am I the only one who notices how contradictory the claims are? Well, I also have mixed feelings about this product. I bought two shades, one in red (#13) and one in orange (#19) of course. Since I was pretty impressed with their liquid lipsticks I had high hopes for these ones. 

To be honest, they were hard to swatch, I had to layer them several times so they could show decently and they still look quite patchy and not so pigmented on my arm. 

I cannot resist to orange shades, so I had to get this one. I was quite disappointed with the application. It barely showed when I first applied it, waiting for it to be moisturizing, but it was indeed super dry and patchy, just as a bad lip pencil, so sad because the color is super pretty! I had to apply other layer and instead of it looking a little nicer, it looked truly awful. It looked and felt like cake on my lips and I even had some weird pieces of lipstick that looked like peeled skin or something. 

And as if all those things were not enough, I rubbed my lips together and this happened. It moved around and became a disgusting paste. 

On the other hand, I was hoping for #13 to be just as bad, but I was quite impressed! It was also dry, but it applied nicely, just as a matte lipstick, I liked the color a lot and it was actually long lasting.

These remind me of their liquid lipsticks, hit or miss, some colors are amazing and others are awful (formula related) even being the same product. I got them from ebay, for only 1.35 USD. I would pay more for the red one, but the orange one was not even worth those 1.35. It would be interesting to try other shades and see how they perform. If I do, I will update you on my thoughts, for sure.

I think you should definitely try them, maybe you will find some stuff you’ll hate, but also stuff you will love, and for 1.35 USD, you won’t be losing much.

Thank you for reading!

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