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Tony Moly - Cat Chu Wink Tint review ♡

martes, 21 de abril de 2015

If you are into lip tints, Korean culture and makeup, you already know about this product.
This is obviously the mini size, as you can tell from it being extremely small, which is pretty enjoyable if you like cute little stuff.

Even being so small, it actually contains a lot of product. The website where I bought it said you could use it up to 30 times, but I have used it even more and I’m not even half through it. This color is #1 cherry pink.

The staying power is good but it isn’t great. It can last for a good five hours without eating or drinking anything, but if I drink or eat, it will come right off. Anyways, I find that if I put lipbalm over it, it will last a lot more, even through the eating and drinking part.

Also, I have read about people that have tried to use this as a cheek stain but have failed claiming it is too stricky and hard to use.

Compared to other cheek stains, as Benefit’s Benetint, it is way more opaque and pigmented, also sets pretty quickly, so if you apply it first on both of your cheeks, you are probably going to end with red dots on your face after blending it.

For those who want to use this as a cheek stain, you can, but I highly recommend applying a little bit in your hand first and working from there with a stippling brush (something as the e.l.f. studio stippling brush) and doing it quickly. It will leave a pretty healthy and radiant glow. I also recommend topping it with a highlighter.

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